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Follow-up Appointments:

Please be sure to call Dr. SHAMSI’S OFFICE at to schedule a follow-up appointment as soon as you can after discharge if you do not already have a post operative appointment. Please notify office personnel that you are following-up from surgery and should be seen within 2 weeks.


If you were prescribed medication by Dr. SHAMSI for your surgery, such as pain medication or antibiotics, you are to adhere to the guidelines provided on the labels of your homegoing medications unless advised otherwise by Dr. SHAMSI. If you are a smoker, please STOP smoking - smoking can complicate the post operative recovery by causing a delay in the healing process, and may lead to further surgery/AND or limb loss. DON’T SMOKE!

Operative site Instructions:

Keep your dressing clean, dry, and in place until advised to remove it, or until first post-op visit with Dr. SHAMSI.

You must wear your DRESSING/SPLINT at all times, even while sleeping, at least for the first 7-10 days until you come in for your first post-operative visit unless otherwise advised. You may elevate your limb as directed by Dr. SHAMSI. This will usually reduce postoperative pain. If you have a thick bandage or cast over your foot and ankle, you may apply ice behind your knee. If you have been prescribed stationary exercises, please perform these as instructed as they can be instrumental in preventing complications such as blood clots from occurring.

Diet Instructions:

Advance diet as Tolerated.

Activity Instructions:

Your Surgeon Will Have Reviewed This With You:

Weight bearing: NONE - HEEL WEIGHTBEARING - PARTIAL - FULL - AS TOLERATED If you have undergone an amputation, or if you have been diagnosed with PAD (poor circulation), DO NOT apply ice to the operative site.

Notify your Doctor for Problems Such As:

  • Fever over 101 degrees. Take your temperature at least daily for a week after surgery.
  • Unrelieved nausea or pain
  • Inability to urinate
  • Rash, hives or difficulty breathing
  • Blood soaked dressing (Some oozing may be normal)
  • Numb, pale, blue, cold or tingling extremity

Please contact your doctor, if you have problems from your surgery or if symptoms persist or get worse. Go to the Emergency Room, if your doctor is not available.

I have received and understand my instructions. I will follow instructions as given by my doctor. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction. If you have any questions, call 859-301-5608. We are open Monday – Thursday 8 – 5pm, FRIDAYS 8 – 4PM.

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