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Delayed Diagnosis of Charcot and Successful Utilization of Internal and External Fixation: A Case Report

Charcot osteoarthropathy is a chronic progressive disease that can affect those that suffer from any type of peripheral neuropathy, but most commonly seen in the patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Disease progression can lead to devastating consequences such as ulceration, decrease in quality of life, osteomyelitis, deformity and limb loss. Therefore, early recognition and conservative management are hallmarks in the treatment and prevention of the disease.

Clinical Review of Adhesive Capsulitis of the Ankle: An introductory article and clinical review

Adhesive capsulitis is a well known ailment that most often affects the shoulder, but can occur in the hip, wrist, and the ankle. As it relates to the ankle joint, the condition is commonly referred to as ‘frozen ankle’ and presents as a challenge in both its diagnosis and treatment. Although there is much literature regarding the etiology, pathology, and treatment of ‘frozen shoulder’, there is little with regards to the ankle, with most being case reports.

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